Sunnyfields Farm

Terms & Conditions for Sunnyfields Farm events  

The following policies apply to your ticket purchases to Sunnyfields Farm events, which are in conjunction with our Private Policy. This can be issued on request.  

Tickets are valid for the stated date and time, with entrance only being granted at the time stated thereon. Tickets may not be replaced or refunded if lost, damaged or stolen.  

Sunnyfields Farm reserves the right to decline access to our events at our discretion and our decision will be final. Please ensure your tickets, booking reference and barcode are available to be presented when attending our events, as access could be declined without this information.  


If our event is cancelled, you will not have the right for a refund. The ticket price is for covering the cost of the set up infrastructure and processing fees. If you are unable to attend for any reason, Sunnyfields Farm is not obliged to offer a refund. 

Ticket Availability

Ticket availability is subject to change. We may release additional tickets for our event after it has gone on sale. Tickets are also “locked” (not available) for a short time while customers complete their purchase. If a customer does not complete his or her purchase, previously locked tickets will be released and made available again for purchase. For these reasons and others, the number of tickets available for a particular day/time can and do change frequently. If you are unable to find tickets, please try again later.  

Pricing and other errors

If the amount paid for a ticket is obviously incorrect, regardless of whether it is an error in a price posted on this website or otherwise communicated to you, Sunnyfields Farm reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to cancel your order and refund you the amount that you paid. This policy will apply regardless of how the error occurred.  

Retaining contact information

We will collect contact data about each ticket booker in line with our Privacy Policy. We may need to share your contact details with NHS Test and Trace, if they require.e terms and conditions go to the theme settings.

Company details:
Company Name: The Sunnyfields Partnership LTD
Company Registration Number: 04863078